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Community (Keep It 💯) Sponsorship
- $100:

A $100 sponsorship  helps provide a sponsorship for a child to partake in the“Give a kid and option” Summer Safe Atlanta program.

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Give A Kid An Option Program.

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Give a kid an option program is designed to give kids in underserved communities options that will reduce violence and give kids career options other than what's been presented to them in their current community.

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Future Activities

Step into the anticipation of what lies ahead as we unveil the curtain on our "Future Activities" section. Here, we invite you to peek into the exciting plans, upcoming events, and transformative initiatives that will shape the journey of Summer Safe and the youth of Atlanta. Join us in envisioning a future filled with empowerment, growth, and boundless possibilities.

Maintain a comprehensive training program for our future staff and volunteers.

Develop peer mentorship program where older campers act as mentors to younger campers.

Provide nutritionally balanced breakfast, luch and snacks to campers daily.

Serve as mentors where needed to help guide and influence individuals into making choices that best benefit themselves and their future.

Facilitate a tutorial program for subjects where some campers may be at risk for falling behind in school for the upcoming year.

Develop a formalized sports activity and physical fitness program.

Weekly field trips for educational and/or entertainment.

NETWORKING – Contacting organizations, agencies and corporations on their policies and procedures or services to help make positive change in the community and, set up to receive their newsletters of activities and training in our area.

(A) Who conducts the activity? All activities will be conducted and carried out by future staff and/or agents authorized by the corporation for such purposes.

(B) Where is the activity conducted? We have not formalized our own facility as to date. However, we anticipate renting space until we are financially capable of securing and setting up our own facility. The organization anticipates paying the overhead for our facility through grants and donations.

(C) When is the activity conducted? Most of the activity will be conducted daytime, and during the weekend.

(D) Who may participate in the activity? Our services will be open to the public. However, the majority of the participants will be referred by local, state and government agencies.

(E) Is there a fee for participation in the activity? No.

(F) The percentage of time spent on activities is approximately 50 hours a week, in some cases more and the resources about 40% of income to organization income.

Take The Summer Safe Pledge

In unity, we have the power to shape the future of Atlanta. Summer Safe invites you to take a stand for the well-being and safety of our youth by pledging your commitment to a safer community.

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At Summer Safe, we believe in the power of collaboration, and you can be a vital part of our journey. Join our esteemed partners who have made a significant impact on the lives of Atlanta's youth.

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