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Welcome to Summer Safe Atlanta!

Our Mission

Summer Safe, Incorporated is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of Atlanta school-age youth in underserved communities through transformative summer camp and program experiences. Our enriching activities are designed to provide a safe and loving environment that keeps youth out of harm's way, while also bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of violence disruption and alternative methods to ensure their growth and development, while simultaneously promoting positive interactions and understanding between the youth and those who serve and protect them.

Our Vision

In many underserved communities in Atlanta the summer months become a time of crisis and turmoil because of the lack of formal activities within an environment that has the potential to leave many of these youth to their own devices. While youth in more influential neighborhoods have a variety of summer activities from which to choose, choices in other communities may be far less desirable, again leaving some youth to navigate the summer months often succumbing to the pitfalls that seem to await those who are without planned activities for the summer.

Our goals

Our organization will build a strong network with other youth organizations and local, state and federal agencies.We will research and chart past and current data from various sources related to the ways to supplement educational support to at risk youth outside the classroom. Effectively target the population most in need of these services.
Assess what elements of the program already in existence that are working and implement these into our program. Gather information as a guide to making policy decisions that will benefit targeted groups.

Our Services

Youth enrichment programs Food Nutrition Program
Free Hair Cuts/Styles.
Free Hair Cuts/Styles.
Free Hair Cuts/Styles.

Meet the team

Jeremiah Dawson and his team will be able to inspire instead of expire our next generation; By mentorship, seminars, workshops, recreational activities, health and nutrition, and lots of free giveaway for the kids and the community. Jeremiah Dawson and his team are making an impactful effort to bring awareness and reduce violence especially during the summer months when our youth tend to be more idle or prone to violence at random. “Working together to keep our kids safe” is our motto.

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Jeremiah Dawson

CEO / Founder

Jeremiah Dawson is an Atlanta born native who grew up in an Adamsville neighborhood located on the west side of Atlanta. Inspired to take action and provide a safe and positive environment for inner city youth due to the increasing amount of violence in his childhood neighborhood. Summer Safe Atlanta was brought to life with the goal of instilling morals, values, and building blocks needed for a successful future.

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Khajit Maat

Co - founder 

Khajit Maat is a young visual artist who hails from the west side of Atlanta. His family owns Tassili’s Raw Reality, a raw vegan restaurant and staple in the historical Westend district that has been around over a decade. By providing health conscious nourishment and his artistic talents, Khajit has helped build and foster the the Summersafe initiative.

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Lil Bankhead

Co - founder / Media Director

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Chef Marlo

Co - founder / Vice President

Chef Marlo, the distinguished winner of the Food Network's Chopped television series in 2023, serves as the executive chef and creative coordinator for Cravings Express. Beyond his culinary accolades, Chef Marlo is an active participant in the community, demonstrating his commitment by providing monthly meals to the less fortunate through the Cravings Express food truck – a venture he owns and operates alongside his dedicated staff. His engagement extends to meaningful collaborations, including a close partnership with The Logan Wilkes Foundation. Together, they spearhead various programs, such as the renowned "Cooking & Connecting with Chef Marlo" initiative within Atlanta Public Schools, the impactful "Eat Well Live Kids" campaign, and the empowering "Becoming a Better You" Wellness Group in collaboration with the Department of Public Health. Through his culinary expertise and community involvement, Chef Marlo exemplifies a true commitment to culinary excellence and social betterment.

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Terryl Barnes

Co - founder / CFO

Terryl Barnes, a Certified Public Accountant and philanthropist with over 10+ years of experience, currently serves as an Account Manager at Georgia Tech University. Terryl co-founded Summer Safe Atlanta as a way to give back to the community and be a leading example for the youth. One of our goals is to introduce a variety of experiences to our people that will empower them to be successful in a safe and positive environment.

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Michael Cheek

Co - founder / Executive director

Michael Cheek is a brilliant entertainer and amiable host with over ten years of experience as a figure in the Atlanta night life. Michal uses his expertise to modivate and inpire childern though leading and directing activities and is also one of the co-founders of the Summer safe Atlanta movment.

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Jaida Jackson

Chief Administrator

Jaida Is the President of Operations for Summer Safe.
She has a passion for assisting inner city youth to reach a more positive and rewarding life reguardles of their current circumstances.

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Diamond Randolph

Public relations / Outreach

Diamond Randolph is a visionary leader and the CEO/Founder of Pressure Media Group. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and 10+ years in Public Relations, Diamond is a true expert in her field. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is also a passionate advocate for empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities through the power of media. As an Army Veteran, mentor, philanthropist, and humanitarian, Diamond's dedication to making a positive impact is unwavering. She is also a proud Autism Mama to three children and the Founder of The Puzzled Parent Foundation, an organization providing invaluable support and resources for individuals with autism and neurodivergence. For media inquiries, please contact pr@pressuremediagroup.com. To learn more about Diamond and her work, visit pressuremediagroup.com and thepuzzledparent.org.

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Jason Ervin

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Andre ”MyDjDre” Pounds

Community Outreach Specialist (HBCU Tour)

MyDJDre has recently joined forces with the Atlanta non-profit Summer Safe, Inc to support an initiative of Community Youth Enrichment. As his journey continues so will his passion for uplifting the community and providing positive entertaining experiences.

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Keith Matthews

Digital Media Specialist

Keith Matthews is an music Artist/Producer/Director/Web Designer
“I truly understand how getting the youth interested and involved in technology early can be a future asset to the community and perhaps the world.”

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Zonquil Bailey

Co / founder/President

Zonquil Bailey, an extraordinary Atlanta native,  A beacon of inspiration for current and future generations,  His journey underscores the power of hard work, determination, and a positive outlook in overcoming any obstacle, all while striving to create a better tomorrow for the youth through collaborative efforts with organizations and agencies, providing indispensable resources and support to those in need.

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Reggie Hall

Content Specialist

Reggie Hall is an Entrepreneur / Music Artist, with roots in Tennessee. Moving to Atlanta in 2009 with intensions of pursuing a music career. Reggie had the opportunity to develop a love , for seeing to it that children receive some knowledge on how to create a financially stable environment. So they could provide food, housing and clothing for their families , for themselves and for the people in their inner circle. With some college and Air Force under his belt. Reggie is also a Natural Creative. Being the CEO of his own entertainment company..... Music and Media seems to be the outline of his success. With SummerSafeAtlanta we can give the youth a productive future to look forward too.

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Jonathan Tabb

Sports Coordinator /
Youth development

MyDJDre has recently joined forces with the Atlanta non-profit Summer Safe, Inc to support an initiative of Community Youth Enrichment. As his journey continues so will his passion for uplifting the community and providing positive entertaining experiences.

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