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A $100 sponsorship  helps provide a sponsorship for a child to partake in the“Give a kid and option” Summer Safe Atlanta program.

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Vision, Mission, Theory of Change

Welcome to Summer Safe Atlanta, your gateway to a safer, more promising future for Atlanta's youth. 

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Heal/clear Atlanta streets of youth related violence during the summer and beyond.

Create a safe, sacred, and healing space for the youth of Atlanta, year-round with a focus on the summer, due to increasing violence during that time.

Create a safe, sacred, and healing space for the youth of Atlanta.

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Summer Safe, Incorporated is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of Atlanta school-age youth in underserved communities through a transformative summer camp and year-round signature program experiences.

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Our enriching activities are designed to provide a safe and loving environment that keeps youth out of harm's way, while also bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community, providing youth with options for engaging now, and exploring opportunities for them to consider in the future.

We believe in fostering an atmosphere of peace and safety by disrupting violence and providing alternative methods to ensure their growth and development, while simultaneously promoting positive interactions and understanding between the youth, those who serve and protect them, and the professionals they may aspire to model in the future.

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Theory of Change


In many underserved communities in Atlanta the summer months become a time of crisis and turmoil because of the lack of formal activities within an environment that has the potential to leave many of these youth to their own devices. While youth in more affluent neighborhoods have a variety of summer activities from which to choose, choices in other communities may be far less desirable, again leaving some youth to navigate the summer months often succumbing to the pitfalls that seem to await those who are without planned activities for the summer.

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In response, Summer Safe provides unique experiences that help to immediately shift the attention, mindset, actions, and future focus for young people.

We do this through a combination of ACTIVITY, ACTIVISM/ADVOCACY, and APPROACH.

ACTIVITY: We deliver summer camp and year-round signature programs designed to give kids an option and an opportunity to think, act, and dream in terms of problem solving and creative solutions to issues beyond violence.

ACTIVISM / ADVOCACY: We leverage the presence, community involvement, and commitment of our founder, staff, and board members to amplify the work of Summer Safe, to promote partnership with other initiatives/organizations, and to activate and advocate at all levels on behalf of the youth we serve and the issues that impact their well-being and safety.

APPROACH: We strategically use creative marketing to present meaningful messages that not only promote our activities but more importantly encourage youth to immediately identify, connect with, assert, explore, and actively pursue alternatives to violence.


As a result of our work, we help youth and their communities to experience a reduction in youth-related/involved violence during the summer months and beyond and conversely an increase in community building, positive personal, professional, and community outcomes.

Summer Safe Atlanta Services

Youth enrichment programs

Tailored for the unique needs of our youth, these programs offer a diverse range of activities, mentorship opportunities, and transformative experiences.

Educational Summit /Seminars 

From thought-provoking discussions to hands-on workshops, our summits and seminars aim to empower youth with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow.

HBCU Tours

These tours offer a firsthand look at campuses, academic programs, and the vibrant culture of HBCUs.

Food and Nutrition

Through community initiatives, nutrition education, and access to nutritious food, we strive to create a foundation for a healthier and more vibrant future.

Field Trips

Whether exploring nature, visiting cultural institutions, or engaging in community projects, these trips aim to broaden horizons and create lasting memories for Atlanta's youth.

Free Grooming Services

Our aim is to ensure that every young individual feels valued, cared for, and ready to face the world with a positive self-image.

Take The Summer Safe Pledge

In unity, we have the power to shape the future of Atlanta. Summer Safe invites you to take a stand for the well-being and safety of our youth by pledging your commitment to a safer community.

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At Summer Safe, we believe in the power of collaboration, and you can be a vital part of our journey. Join our esteemed partners who have made a significant impact on the lives of Atlanta's youth.

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