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Jordan Boyd

Summer safe Atlanta
Youth ambassador

Jordan Boyd was Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. He is a published author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and has just compleated two years in the summer safe atlanta program.
“My experience has been great, my mentors are showing me the inns and outs of entrepreneurship. I  am truly grateful to have come across this wonderful organization.”

Shoot Films Not Guns Program.

Giving youth a voice and a purpose.

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Give a Kid an Option Program


An Innovative mentorship programs for African American youth in order to increase, create, and or develop empowerment. The program will enrich the youths by providing positive leadership to assist them in several areas of life strategies to become positive individuals within their community. Career work-shops which will include entrepreneur courses, resume building, interview preparedness, positive thinking, speech etiquette, field trips along with various influential guest speakers.


•Career/Skill Building

•Financial Literacy

•Conflict Resolution

•Resume Preparedness

•Image & Speech Etiquette

•Mental Health Awareness

•Total Body Fitness Awareness (Healthy Living/Eating Nutrition)

•Community Outreach

•Goal Setting

•Positive Reality Exercises (Positive Thinking)

•Giving Back (Pay it forward/Each one Teach one)

•Tangible Life Solutions with Positive Results


Give a kid an option Friday sessions format

•45 minute sessions (8 sessions including lunch) with 25 students each

•Session Agenda-

•5 minutes- roll call, activator, music moment

•5 minutes- positive affirmation, meditation, yoga

•10 minutes- Fundamentals- Session 1: speech etiquette, students will understand the importance of effective public speaking

•20 minutes-Application of Fundamentals

•Students will listen to/watch an effective speech

•Students will identify what makes the speech effective

•Students will practice effective speaking

•05 minutes- Summarizer/reflection

•Students will reflect on the fundamentals and will complete an exit ticket

•2-5 sentences about what was learned, questions they still have

All Friday sessions will follow the same format each week. The first 10 minutes will always start the same. Each month students will have a session on fundamentals (public speaking, conflict resolution, financial literacy, etc.), health/nutrition, health/beauty, music

Week 1 - Fundamentals topic

Week 2 - Health/nutrition

Week 3 - Health/beauty

Week 4 - Music

Week 5- Fundamentals topic

Months with 5 Fridays will have an additional fundamentals topic.

Fundamentals Topic Schedule
May 25th thru September 22nd

Reading Incentive Program- Students will have an opportunity to earn points/tickets to win various incentives. Points/tickets will be awarded for every book read by a student. The more books read the more opportunities to win prizes. In order to receive credit students must complete a book review.

Field trips- Students will attend a total of 3 field trips during October, January/February, April/May

Pre/post Surveys - Parents, students, teachers will complete a survey for each student assessing their academic/behavioral progress and goals


The Give a Kid an Option Mentorship Program will consist of four general milestones.

Food and Nutrition

Instructed by Atlanta native Chef & Creative Coordinator, Chef Marlo Cravings Express LLC and Tassili's Raw Reality Cafe LLC.

Arts and Entertainment instructors 

Lil Bankhead, "V103", Michael Cheeks, Tamika Cambell 

Health & Beauty

Provided by various team members specializing in Cosmetology and Barbering techniques courtesy of Master Barber Gregrory Dawson with Upper Level Barbershop Atlanta GA.


Will focus on skill building, emotional positivity, positive discipline, speech etiquette and other life building strategies and techniques that will provide a new and refreshing outlook on situations that could otherwise be viewed as negative.


Maintain a comprehensive training program for our future staff and volunteers.

Develop peer mentorship program where older campers act as mentors to younger campers.

Provide nutritionally balanced breakfast, luch and snacks to campers daily.

Serve as mentors where needed to help guide and influence individuals into making choices that best benefit themselves and their future.

Facilitate a tutorial program for subjects where some campers may be at risk for falling behind in school for the upcoming year.

Develop a formalized sports activity and physical fitness program.

Weekly field trips for educational and/or entertainment.

NETWORKING – Contacting organizations, agencies and corporations on their policies and procedures or services to help make positive change in the community and, set up to receive their newsletters of activities and training in our area.

(A) Who conducts the activity? All activities will be conducted and carried out by future staff and/or agents authorized by the corporation for such purposes.

(B) Where is the activity conducted? We have not formalized our own facility as to date. However, we anticipate renting space until we are financially capable of securing and setting up our own facility. The organization anticipates paying the overhead for our facility through grants and donations.

(C) When is the activity conducted? Most of the activity will be conducted daytime, and during the weekend.

(D) Who may participate in the activity? Our services will be open to the public. However, the majority of the participants will be referred by local, state and government agencies.

(E) Is there a fee for participation in the activity? No.

(F) The percentage of time spent on activities is approximately 50 hours a week, in some cases more and the resources about 40% of income to organization income.

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